Aqua Words

Aqua Words 1.0

Word fun down by the sea


  • Easy to play
  • Fun graphics and animation


  • Not much variety between game modes


If you're a beach bum with a passion for word games then get a load of Aqua Words, a fun puzzler set in Hawaii.

Aqua Words couldn't be any simpler to play. You are given a grid of bubbles containing letters and you make words from adjacent letters by dragging your finger, or stylus over them. Occasionally, letters will double or treble in value giving you more points for including them.

There are three different game modes in Aqua Words. Or at least I think there are. Options on the main menu include 'Time Mode', 'Arcade Mode', and 'Strategy Mode'. However, when playing these games it's difficult to figure out what the difference is between them all.

The graphics and presentation in Aqua Words are great. There are three different beach-themed backgrounds, and the little blobby character is fun to watch as he dances and jumps about during your games.

It's not a very in-depth puzzle game, but Aqua Words is a fun way to pass some time and dream of sunny beaches while you're sat on the bus.

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